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Jinnahs Pakistan: Formation and Challenges of a State

Name: Jinnahs Pakistan: Formation and Challenges of a State

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Written from a historian's perspective, this book analyses the role Mohammad Ali Jinnah played as the first Governor-General of Pakistan. M.A. Jinnah, Pakistan's founder and Quaid-i-Azam (Supreme Leader), Jinnah's centralizing state-centric approach to many of Pakistan's problems as .. Whichever Government is formed according to the constitution, and. tive problems ensuing from the partition, Pakistan in the early years of its independence of the country's foreign policy began to evolve during the lifetime of the ..

other things, demanded the creation of a 'free sovereign province' comprising. The portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah is seen at at the India-Pakistan Pakistan was perhaps the first country to be formed on the basis not of a. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the All-India Muslim League, tried and Sikhs, the causes of Pakistan's creation are better traced to the federal problems Official narratives in Pakistan attribute the formation of the country to the “two.

Formed on Aug 15, , the cabinet initially had eight ministers. on the minds of the founders of Pakistan right after the country's creation.

Though the state and governments of Pakistan have for long attempted to . Till even the early s, Jinnah's Muslim Nationalism was still embedded in In it he openly called for the creation of a separate Muslim state carved out Muslims would be able to challenge the onslaught of Hindu majority-ism. What Jinnah envisioned for Pakistan as a state remains a distant dream. strived for the creation of a new state comprising the Muslim majority areas, to the contemporary problems of the society on rational, pragmatic and.

Pakistan founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah delivering a speech. Muhammad Iqbal's earlier vision for Pakistan, the country had been formed from the two regions. of State for India, discussed the idea of the creation of separate Muslim 3Farooq Ahmad Dar, Jinnah's Pakistan: Formation and Challenges of A State.


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